Did Juneau That? I Didn’t!


"Today": According to Hoda, the five "happiest states" in the US are all west of the Mississippi River. Coming in at number five is Alaska (did Juneau that? I didn't!), #4 is Utah, #3 is Minnesota (nothing like blizzards and lutefisk to brighten your day); #2 is North Dakota (lots of free parking) and the #1 happiest state in America? Duh, Hawaii! Probably because they're geographically as far as you can get from Kathie Lee!

"Access Hollywood Live": Kit Hoover said that Leslie Bibb is one of her favorite guests and I can see why after today's show. Not only did Leslie talk about how she likes flashing fellow co-stars for about five minutes, she later dropped the S-bomb! I'm sure the guy monitoring the edit button doesn't like her, but I can see why Kit does!

"Ellen": Viral vid stars and pint-sized princesses Sophia Grace and Rosie were back... a-gain... to give us our weekly dose of adorbs. And this time they got a trip to Disneyland, where they explained how they got to meet all their favorite Disney princesses: Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Jasmine, and their favorite: Princess Blue and Pink Cotton Candy! (Yeah, I know, that's not a princess. But shh, don't ruin it for them. Pretty blue hair so soft!)

"The View": I'm pumped that Sherri Shepard will be on "Dancing with the Stars" because I think she'll do great! I'm not really sure how good she'll be at structured dances, but if they let her bust out into freestyle dancing like she does on "The View" all the time, she'll be awesome! And I'm glad she's focusing on the important things, like when her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy is going to take his shirt off!

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