Details About Baby Blue Ivy


"GDLA": I can barely muster up enough courage to jump off a diving board into a swimming pool let alone out of an airplane, so I'm pretty impressed with Lauren. I'm even more impressed that she only muttered one swear word when the door to that plane opened, because I would have completely worn out the bleep button! And I totally get why you have to be strapped to a pro on your first jump, because there has to be someone there to force you out the door. Otherwise skydiving would be just another airplane ride for most people!

"Live! with Kelly": When co-host Michael Strahan invited his buddy Justin Tuck on today's show (direct from the Super Bowl parade after party), Kelly was starting to feel overshadowed by a couple of New York Football Giants… especially when they started to show off their signature on-field celebration dances. So to make her feel better, they taught her the Strahan Stomp, and the Justin Tuck Tuck... and then they invented the Kelly Ripa Ripper! Personally, I would've gone with the "Blonde Bombshell". But what do I know about football? On Sunday, my friends all made fun of me because I was rooting for the Red Sox!

"Ellen": Ellen hopped up on her soapbox for a minute today, to talk about California's Prop 8, and to answer the "haters" who've been critical of her endorsement deal with JC Penney. And based on the audience response, her speech was a rousing success. Not only did she get big cheers, but I heard JC Penney just started selling Ellen DeGeneres Signature Soapboxes! So comfy for making stands!

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy and Kit tried really hard to get some details about baby Blue Ivy from Beyonce's pal Kelly Rowland, but she just wouldn't budge. What is there really to know at this point Billy and Kit? She's a baby. A smaller version of a regular person with small hands and feet and not much hair, you know, a baby! It's not like she's dancing like Beyonce and rapping like Jay Z, that won't be happening for at least a couple more months!

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