Deep Fried Safety with William Shatner

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William Shatner talks turkey in a new State Farm ad
William Shatner talks turkey in a new State Farm ad

We all know William Shatner as a respected thespian of television and silver screen. But did you also know he is a lover of deep fried turkey? With some help from State Farm Insurance, Shatner has released a video that explains the dangers that can occur when you're not careful with your fryer. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

In the three-plus minute clip, Shatner shows off his taste for turkey as well as his comedic chops. He relays his desire for a moister meal, his bliss at discovering the deep fried method, as well as a safety mishap that cost him some arm hair (and a little skin).

And that's what the clip is all about: safety. Jokes aside, deep fried turkey is responsible for numerous fires and burns every year, mainly because people don't follow a few basic rules. You can learn from the master (that would be Mr. Shatner) in the clip below, but here are a few of the most important safety tips to remember.

One, make sure the turkey is properly thawed. Two, don't overfill the pot. Three, shut off the fuel source when adding the turkey. And fourth, do not fry the turkey indoors. That last rule is very important, folks.

The video is funny, but the danger it addresses is real. According to The Huffington Post, American fire departments respond to over 1,000 fires every year involving a deep fryer. Take it away, William...

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