Can I Get A “Debbie Matenopoulos” One Time?


"Today": Wow, seeing Star Jones on daytime TV again made me flash back to the original "The View" lineup, circa 1997: you know, back when Whoopi was called "Meredith", and Joy's perm looked 14% different than it does now. And I'm not talkin' about the Lisa Ling days, either. She was so mid-'98-to-2003. Can I get a "Debbie Matenopoulos" one time? #oldskoolview

"The View": Seeing how much fun these ladies have during new toy segments makes me wish it was socially acceptable for adults to buy and play with toys. I mean if Sherri and Elisabeth can ride around on futuristic new big wheels and have the time of their lives, then why can't I? It's just not fair!

"Wake Up with Al": That Al Roker is so clever! To justify the fact that he was interviewing the gorgeous supermodel Kate Upton on a show about the weather, Al managed to slip in a question about how the weather affects her photo shoots. So then he could go on to ask her about things like doing the "Dougie." What a sly little weatherman!

"Ellen": Hmm, I think either I've seen this "Ellen crashes 'The Bachelor'" comedy bit before, or else she has somehow managed to actually get on the show for 10 straight seasons. You've gotta hand it to her for perseverance! It's weird how she always backs out right before the "meet the parents" home visit, though...

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