'Girls' GIFs of the Week: Death's a Drag

Joyce Edwards
Yahoo TV

Ugh, death. So inconvenient! This week on "Girls," Hannah's e-book publisher, David, drowns in the Hudson River after a wild night at Hannah's birthday party. More concerned that her e-book is postponed indefinitely than that her editor and confidant is dead, Hannah is confronted by Adam about her coldhearted numbness towards death.

In pursuit of the meaning of death and (more importantly) a socially acceptable method of mourning, Hannah, Laird, and Adam's sister Caroline take to frolicking in a graveyard for some answers.

Such a drag. When in doubt, there's always lying! Hannah snags a fake story of repressed memories of death from Caroline and manages to cozy back up to Adam with her crocodile tears. Will Adam eventually see through her lack of genuine compassion?

"Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.