Daydream Belieber


"Today": Lindsay Lohan said that doing community service at a morgue was an amazing experience, and that she worked with some great people who she learned a lot from. Which is weird, because I thought that the people there might just be a bunch of stiffs! In all seriousness she said all the right things and hopefully she can live up to to her newfound changes, because I need a "Parent Trap" sequel in my life ASAP! #sarcasm

"Ellen": Happy 18th JB day, Biebs! You're a man now, and you can make your own decisions. Like deciding to not mention the fact that you've been taller than Ellen for at least two seasons now. How much you've grown, young man! I still remember your TV debut on Ellen! She found you playing behind her couch, when you were a messy-haired little kid, wayyy back in... 2008. WOW, okay, we're all old, people.

"Live! with Kelly": Kelly made an excellent point that for anyone who grew up with "The Monkees", or for that matter, a certain guest-star filled episode of "The Brady Bunch", then the words "Davy Jones" were synonymous with the one their kids call "Bieber". In fact, I have a great idea: JB should drop a cover-tribute (would that be a 'cov-bute'?) to Davy, entitled "Daydream Belieber". Boom! I'll let you know where to send my check.

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