David Letterman Returns, Jokes About Jihadist Threats Against His Life

The Set

"The Late Show With David Letterman" was on hiatus last week when word broke that Dave was the target of a credible threat against his life on a jihadist internet message board. It actually sounds pretty scary and serious, but that didn't stop Dave from mining the threat and investigation for joke-fodder when he returned to TV last night. When real life gives you death threats, milk them for jokes in both the monologue and the top ten list. (And be sure to get in a "blaming Leno" joke in both!)

In his monologue, Dave thanked the audience for being "a human shield," recounted a discussion with the NBC life insurance people, and, of course, blamed Leno:

Dave made the threat the subject of his Top 10 list: "Top 10 Thoughts That Went Through My Head When I Heard About the Threat," which includes mentions of Kim Kardashian, Oprah, George Lopez, and, of course, Leno: