The Dave Price is Right


"GDNY": Good news, daytime personality spotters: if you tried to guess which fair-weatherman from the dearly departed "CBS Early Show" would end up as a wacky anchor for "GDNY", and you guessed "Dave Price"? Well, the Dave Price is RIGHT! Good to see your grin on morning TV again, Davey boy...

"Live! with Kelly": It's not every day you get to wake up to Lou Diamond Phillips doing a cooking segment. I can't wait until next week, I heard the guy from the San Diego Zoo is gonna sing his favorite Black Eyed Peas song!

"Today": Michael Phelps' mom Debbie said that while she's proud of her ever-swimmin' son, his fame still hasn't "sunk in yet". Sunk! Because he swims in a pool! I totally get it. Haha.

"CBS This Morning": Well, we have our first official Olympics water-cooler moment: London's Cultural Minister was clanging his ceremonial handbell this morning, to ring in the start of the Games… when his Olympic ringer broke off, and hit some poor bloke in the crowd! I didn't catch his name… but his face rang a bell.

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