Danica Patrick Puts on (Fake) Muscles for GoDaddy's Super Bowl Ad

Robert Chan
Yahoo TV

Once the bad boy of Super Bowl commercials, reveling in the press they received when an ad is banned, GoDaddy has softened somewhat. Which means that their spokesperson, Danica Patrick, no longer has to show as much skin. Well, not her own, anyway.

Yup, that's Patrick in a muscle suit, racing to get a spray tan. The shift away from using sex to sell domain names was apparent last Super Bowl when CBS rejected GoDaddy's spot, not for being too sexy, but for being too … ew.

Given the kinds of things available for free on the Internet these days, even the "banned" GoDaddy ads are quaint; the modern day equivalent of Marilyn Monroe's once-scandalous subway grate scene. Let us then mourn the passing of the "sleaze era" of GoDaddy Commercials with a remembrance of the silly:

The unnecessary:

The ridiculous:

The even more ridiculous:

And the flat-out lewd:

Bring on the class, GoDaddy!