All The Dancing-Related Puns I Could Think Of


"GMA": If goodwill with the judges were money, Maks from "Dancing With the Stars" just "maksed out" his credit card with this interview. He may have seen his last set of straight tens, but I bet we can  count on the judging for his next number getting straight-up tense. Also, I bet his partner Hope Solo wishes she was flying solo on the Millennium Dance Falcon next week. And those are all the dancing related puns I could think of before the microwave dinged. Mmm, french bread pizza!

"Today": Selma Hayek's character in the new "Puss N' Boots" movie is named Kitty Soft Paws, which seems like kind of a ridiculous name and a character nobody would want to play. That is of course until you hear her say the name with her beautiful accent, she makes it sound so sexy and elegant. Now I want to play a Kitty Soft Paws in my next acting role!

"Ellen": Wait, so Ellen is showing clips from the future now? I can't wait until Friday's show, then, when she shows us how she and Doc Brown saved the Hill Valley clock tower during the Enchantment Under the Sea dance!

"Judge Mathis": How do I know Judge Mathis is the coolest judge on TV? Because when the plaintiff got groans and chuckles from the audience for saying he went to a Lil' Wayne concert, Judge Mathis said "you all talking about him and laughing, I'm going tomorrow night." How cool is that?! He also mentioned that his other favorite rappers are Eminem and Jay-Z! I wonder who Judge Alex's favorite rappers are, or if he even knows what rap music is!

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