Daily Daytime ROFLs and LMAOs


"GMA": Hey, can we rehabilitate Dennis the thieving cat so that instead of stealing people's stuff and bringing it home, he steals your own stuff and brings it to you? Then he'd just be Dennis the awesome, helpful, fetching cat! Asking for a friend. Named Nikki. Who wants to watch "The Price Is Right", but her remote is all the way over there...

"The Jeff Probst Show": This tribe has spoken, and I really like "The Jeff Probst Show"! Mind you, I was already a big fan of Jeff's from "Survivor" and a huge fan of his days as host of "Rock & Roll Jeopardy!" Now if I could just find a way to get to hang out on Jeff's new island (er, TV show!)

"Wake Up with Al": The ponytail express rolled through town and it was pretty wild! It's funny though, when I'm bored I like to get caught up with the Kardashians or play with my dog, but apparently in India, they like to pull trains with their hair. I feel like I need to be more creative with my free time!

"Ellen": It's so nice to have Ellen back on the air. And sure, there are like ump-teen new daytime shows on the air to compete with her, but EDG is still the only host to start her show with a monologue full of (intentionally) funny banter. She's still the best at guaranteeing daily daytime ROFLs and LMAOs. Thx Ellen!

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