The Cute Version of Honey Boo Boo


"Today": If you didn't see the grumpy little ballerina during the fourth hour of the show today, do yourself a favor and click here (it's a few minutes in!) She's like the cute version of Honey Boo Boo!

"Ellen": Umm, hey Taylor? You probably shouldn't have named your break-up album "Red" if you didn't want your bestie Ellen to try and make you turn red with embarrassment. So you probably should've seen the slideshow parade of ex-boyfriends coming. Just saying. But hey, at least she had the courtesy to accidentally leave out Jakey Gylls, and that guy from One Direction! That's just not her Styles...

"Divorce Court": You can call the 33-year-old lady who brings a teddy bear with her wherever she goes crazy all you want, but the fact is she had the decency to dress the bear in some nice clothes for the courtroom! But you have to wonder, if she put the same kind of effort into her marriage as she does into dressing up her teddy bear and explaining why it's always around, maybe she wouldn't be on "Divorce Court"! And by the way, don't miss next week's episode where a guy chooses his pet rock over his wife!

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