Cupcake ATM!


"Today": I totally get why that lady was so excited, I mean it was her birthday and she got to meet Al Roker! Lucky for her that odd display of excitement wasn't captured on national TV and mocked by Al and Matt Lauer. Oh wait, that did happen. At least this is a birthday she'll never forget, and we won't forget it either!

"Good Morning America": I was gonna write a blog post about something really interesting and stuff, but then I saw a report on "GMA" that high-end Beverly Hills bakeshop Sprinkles Cupcakes just opened a CUPCAKE ATM! As in, an ATM machine that spits out delicious cupcakes instead of horrible-tasting money! So if you'll excuse me, I need to go there and never come back. Later!

"Ellen": Steeph Harphey thure lookthd likth he wath haffing fun showingth hith legth to Ellen likth Anthelina Wolie! (Whoops, sorry about that. Mouth still full of cupcakes. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to back and set up my milk vending machine next door.)

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