Creeping out the general public!


Today”: Marky Mark Wahlberg was on the show along with a whole funky bunch of other guests, including Kim Kardashian! Kim said that her pregnancy is still sinking in, which is odd because it looks to me like her pregnancy is starting to stick out, not sink in! And it turns out her baby and Kate Middleton's baby are both due in July, which means that will be a big month for both UK and US royalty!

Ellen”: Nicki Minaj, did you really just complain about having to work eight hours a day to make $12 million judging "American Idol"? And did you really just whine about it to Ellen? Wow, that was a mistake. Get ready to hear a whole lotta stories about how, in HER day, they had to judge for 10 to 12 hours a day, and only made like $5 million! And they had to walk to the studio in the snow, on their hands, uphill both ways. And the craft service table didn't even have those spicy hot edamame soybean snacks that are so in right now. No EDAMAME! Can you even imagine?

GDNY”: They tried to answer the question of whether or not chivalry is dead, but they did it by sending a reporter out on the streets to offer random acts of kindness to strangers. They didn't really get an answer to the chivalry question, but we do know for sure that overexcited news reporters are definitely capable of creeping out the general public!

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