How Jake Cuenca Courts A Girl

Style Factor

Photo from NPPA Images
Photo from NPPA Images

It’s often that people always associate the title “bad boy” to hunks like Jake Cuenca. But contrary to the stereotype, Jake is actually an incurable romantic. He’s currently single but has revealed to Style Factor that he is entertaining someone. “I’m in the dating stage. But there is no pressure at the moment because I’m really busy. She’s really busy, too,” he shares.

When it comes to courtship, Jake says he’d rather be friends first. “When I was younger, uso yung nanliligaw. Like you really have to court the girl,” he says. Later on in life, Jake realized that putting your best foot forward isn’t the way to go. He no longer believes in the idea of courtship because and says that “When you’re in a relationship, then that’s the only time you see the person’s real colors and personality.” And that’s why friendship plays an important role for this hunk, and that’s what he tries to achieve first. “You know, pakiramdaman nalang kayo if you guys like each other but at one point, if it’s too obvious already, then that’s when I will tell the girl na I really like her.”

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When it comes to wooing a girl, Jake goes the extra mile. “I do a lot of efforts for girls,” he says. “There are no limits to the things I can do. When I was kid, I would see it in movies and it’s something I want to do in real life. I love giving gifts and I love surprise.” His biggest surprise by far was when he booked an events place where he invited a girl. “I told her that there was a family party there; that I wanted to introduce her to my family. When we got to the events place, the whole place had Post-its of her name and there’s a mural of her there,” he further tells the story. “There was just one table in the middle. We had dinner and cheesy songs were playing,” he recalls.

He wishes though to travel with his special someone. “I would really love to travel with a girl and experience new things together.”

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While Jake’s love life is still on the hush, he says that he just wants a girl who is very understanding. “Syempre my first impression with people is that I’m not the good boy type. It’s often that I get judged,” he says. “I just want someone who has consideration. Most of all, I want someone who is very spontaneous. I want to be in a relationship where there are no plans—to just live a day at a time and as if each day is your last. Eventually, when the relationship takes its course—when it matures—that’s when you think of the future.”

Photo from NPPA Images.