Could You Describe the Ruckus, Sir?


"Today": Air Lauer? Matt Lauer decided he wanted to be "Like Mike", so he did what any of us would do. Get a Nerf hoop? No, silly... he's rich! So he got himself a basketball and a court, a Chicago Bulls uniform, a green screen, and a crane to hoist him to the exact same height as Michael Jordan when His Airness completed the famous poster-worthy slam dunk that put him on every kid's bedroom wall in America! And then Matt had a professional photographer get to photoshoppin', to make it look like he could throw down like Mike! I think he needed the help, too… in his official NBC bio, Matty's vertical leap is listed as -3 inches.

"CBS This Morning": So glad that cat burglar in the college class found a way to land on his feet! Although it's hard to watch that clip of a mischievous tomcat falling through a ceiling panel, and not think of "The Breakfast Club" quote, "Could you describe the ruckus, sir?"

"GDNY": I was actually kind of excited for football season this year, for like the first time ever! But then Dave Price and his pals did this silly reenactment of a football play and it reminded me how obnoxious guys are during football season, and how I still don't understand why football players just run right into the other team and get tackled. So now I'm back to being completely over football!

"Wake Up with Al": Stephanie wondered if it was 'pick on Stephanie day' after Al and others kept giving her guff. And as someone who watches this show on a regular basis, I'm pretty sure that every day is 'pick on Stephanie day'! I get the feeling that at some point she's just going to grab Al, smack that smug look off his face, throw him to the ground and walk off the set. And hopefully I'm watching that day so I can use the clip on my show!

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