I Could Do 114 Push-Ups!


"GMA": They had the story of a guy who became a viral sensation after he took underwater pictures of dogs and then posted them on Facebook. Apparently this guy was struggling for money after splurging on the camera he needed for the shots, but now people are rushing to hire him for private shoots for their own pets! So the moral of this story is that you can't put a price on capturing animal cuteness. And also, underwater photos of dogs are pretty much the most amazing thing ever!

"Today": They made it sound like the monkey in that video was bothered by the height of the man standing near the glass. But lets be honest, that monkey has to stare into a cafe all day long and watch people eat and drink while staring right back at him. If I was that monkey, I'd be way more upset about that than some guy who hovers around six feet tall!

"The Doctors": Today's episode had a guy who hasn't got sick in almost 3 years, and he claims it's because he can do 114 push-ups, even though he's 70 years old. Pfft... big deal! I could do 114 push-ups too, if you gave me 70 years...

"Wake Up with Al": I love that the Friday dance party is growing more and more each week. At this rate it will some day overtake the entire Friday show. It'll be like kind of like an episode of "American Bandstand" but with some weather on the 8's mixed in. How awesome would that be?!

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