'Cougar Town' Pics Prove Set Is Fun but Dangerous!

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
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You win some; you lose some — and based on recent pics from the "Cougar Town" set, Courtney Cox is winning, and Busy Philipps is... not winning. On Dec. 4, Cox was snapped walking arm in arm with her former "Friends" co-star Matthew Perry, who has joined the cast to shoot one episode of the TBS sitcom.

Pacific Coast News
Pacific Coast News

The former TV couple looked chummier than ever as they walked around the Los Angeles set and shared some laughs. Perry, 44, seemed particularly smitten with Cox, 49, smiling at her with nothing short of pure adoration. (He certainly has a lot to be excited about, considering that he's not only being reunited with Mrs. Chandler Bing but is also back on network TV — albeit briefly — after several of his own shows have gotten the axe.)

While these friends caught up, however, Philipps had a less delightful day when she was pelted in the eye with a snowball by co-star Bob Clendenin. (Yes, they had snow on the set, even though it was 70 degrees in L.A. at the time.)

Philipps posted a snapshot to Instagram showing her left eye rather irritated and puffy from the hit.

"OF COURSE I got hit in the eye with a snowball. #cougartownseason5," she explained.

And it didn't take long for Bob to fess up.

"I hit @Busyphilipps25 in the eye with a snowball," he admitted on Twitter. "I wish I was joking. #outofwork #aimingforgomez."

Presumably, Cox and Perry somehow escaped the perils of the set snowball fight.

At least Philipps is already on the mend. On Dec. 5, one day after what we are calling "snowball-gate," the actress tweeted, "I'm a little disappointed that I didn't wake up with a shiner, just a tiny bruise on my eye. I wanted @bobclendenin to feel REALLY bad :(."

She followed this up with one last shot explaining that while she did not have a full-blown black eye, she did have some injuries. "K. Here's the tiny bruise by my eye, thanks to @bobclendenin's snowball," before adding, "Also, yes, I use a Turbie Towel, obviously."

While we can't really see the claimed "tiny bruise" ourselves, we'll take Philipps's word for it and hope her luck turns around soon. It seems like using the Turbie Towel is a good start.

"Cougar Town" returns Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10 p.m. on TBS.