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My Work Couch

Daytime in No Time

"Today": Aerosmith has been rocking for 40 years? Whaaaaa? That's just crazy… which is also one of my favorite Aerosmith songs! But seriously, if you want to watch the band rock out live — tune in to "Today" tomorrow. That's tomorrow. On "Today." Got it?

"Judge Alex": It's pretty obvious that Joey Buttafuoco loves him some Joey Buttafuoco, so I'm sure he wanted to be the center of attention during this court case. But since the good judge is ten times more charming, handsome and funny, he totally stole the show! Which is good, since it is his show!

"Ricki Lake": Ricki Lake and I are friends. Socially. Like social media friends. Which we all know aren't REAL friends but let's say she sat on my couch once. Not my home couch, but my work couch. Either way, we're friends! And you can be a friend of Ricki's, too — just join her fanclub on Facebook or Twitter! Go #FriendsOfRikki! Go #FriendsOfRikki!

"Ellen": So, it's been a year of pretty much the same old thing from Sophie Grace and Rosie. They perform songs, do special segments, conduct hilarious interviews and then Ellen gives them awesome presents! And not only am I not sick of them after a year, I still want more! But for the sake of Ellen's ratings and my own personal enjoyment, if they could just do me one favor and never grow up that would be great!

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