Conan O’Brien Doc Catches Him Scoffing at Idea of TBS Show

Yahoo TV

The new documentary "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop" traces the late-night host's summer 2010 live tour, from conception to completion, but one of the movie's most interesting moments has nothing to do with the raucous road show.

During a pre-tour meeting, the cameras were rolling as O'Brien's longtime executive producer, Jeff Ross, reminded Conan that rehearsals would be cut short for a meeting with TBS. "Let me find out how real that is," he reassured the comedian. After all, the basic cable channel was known mostly for its steady stream of sitcom reruns, and Conan was deep into talks with Fox at the time.

"Yeah, we're not going on TBS," O'Brien scoffed. "When is our meeting at Oxygen?" he joked, before lamenting that his assistant, Sona, had moved his schedule around for what appeared to be ridiculous meeting.

Check out the scene for yourself:

Of course, just weeks later O'Brien announced his new TBS show.

"Can't Stop" director Rodman Flender told Yahoo! TV that the ironic scene always gets a laugh during screenings, but people often ask him if he thought twice about putting it in. "It was too good to leave on the cutting room floor," he said, adding that everyone at TBS has been good sports about it. Plus, he points out, Conan often skewers TBS on TBS.

"He does things far worse on his show, ['Conan']. He's got Will Forte playing [TBS owner] Ted Turner on a stuffed buffalo, you know what I mean? What he's been doing to TBS and to Ted Turner personally on TV is way beyond anything he does in that dressing room."

See more backstage action, plus on-stage highlights from O'Brien's Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour, when "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop" opens in select cities Friday. Additionally, AT&T U-verse TV customers can watch the film on demand.

Watch the full trailer for "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop":