Is That On The ComputerNet?


"Today": When Kathie Lee and Hoda (oh, sorry.. "KLGH") heard that "The Today Show" just passed one million Facebook fans, they sent out a challenge to the much smaller number of fans for their personal Facebook page, saying "It's on!!" Huh. So, what's "on", exactly? They didn't really know. Although to be fair, they don't really know what Facebook is, either. Is that on the ComputerNet?

"Access Hollywood Live": They interviewed Snooki and she talked about having a dream where her baby turned into Chucky, the doll from those scary movies. And if you think about it, give or take some red hair, that might not be too far off from what her baby will actually be like! Just kidding Snooks, I'm sure your kid will be every bit as wonderful as you are!

"Good Day LA": For those of you not familiar with the LA River, that is a very generous description for what it is. It's basically a giant drainage ditch that is mostly made out of cement, and usually looks and smells rather disgusting. So, not only am I impressed that Bobby D found the one spot that isn't all cement and actually went in it on a kayak, I'm also completely grossed out!

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