‘Community’: Annie Has a Hard Time Losing; Blogger Relates

The Set

After what I think was a tough but fair Performance Review after the Season 3 premiere last week, "Community" seemed to respond immediately to my prescriptions and aired an excellent new episode last night. The story revolved around Annie (Alison Brie) getting undermined by "Asian Annie" (Irene Choi), who poached Original Annie's idea to start a Model UN club at Greendale. When Poli Sci Professor Cligoris (Martin Starr) decides that the only way to settle the question is a head-to-head Model UN battle, the fart of an anonymous study group member derails Annie's mission to defeat her rival, and leads to...well, there's no word for it but "meltdown."

Now, here's the thing. Like Annie, I MIGHT have been a brown-nosing brat as a student, who derived basically all my self-worth from academic success. Like Annie, I MIGHT — many, many years after completing my graduate studies — still be kind of a teacher's pet. And like Annie, whenever I am involved in any kind of competition, I MIGHT be a HORRIBLE loser. So this scene was pretty funny to me, and absolutely hilarious to my husband.