Up And Coming: Vince Ferraren

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Photo courtesy of Vince Ferraren
Photo courtesy of Vince Ferraren

No one knew who Vince Ferraren was until he came out with an underwear ad for a local fashion label. This half Aussie, half Pinoy's popularity is quickly on the rise with a slew of endorsements right up in his alley. This month, we got a piece of this commercial model full of brawn (he says he’s always ‘brief’ ready) to share his summer essentials. What we’ve discovered is that what’s in between his ears isn’t empty either (he’s a student of I.T. in Australia). What a fresh catch for this season!

His summer staples for men include water and a shaver. The less hair, the more cool, he believes. Sunscreen, deodorant, and sunglasses are also musts. With sunglasses, “you don’t get caught checking out girls on the beach,” he jokes.

Photo courtesy of Vince Ferraren
Photo courtesy of Vince Ferraren

Vince is a fan of beaches. His favorite in the Philippines would be Bicol. “They’re beautiful, clean, and not to crowded.” Everyone knows that the beach season calls for less clothing articles. So how does this hunk get his body ready for summer? He runs up the stairs of his condo building! He also believes in lifting heavy weights and eating clean.

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And just for fun, we asked Vince what he’ll be wearing at different times of the day at different places.

Style Factor: It’s 2 p.m. on a Saturday in Manila. What are you wearing?
Vince Ferraren: A print polo, brown chinos rolled up at the ankle and a pair of blue low-cut suede slip-on shoes. Throw in my shoulder bag with all the survival needs.

Style Factor: What about happy hour at Boracay?
Vince Ferraren: Boardshorts, sand on my back and a fedora I have bought on arriving to Boracay.

Style Factor: It’s 2 a.m. in Cebu. What are you wearing?
Vince Ferraren: Boxers and a duvet.

Photos courtesy of Vince Ferraren.