Comic-Con 2013: 'Lost' Stud Josh Holloway Hopes to Prove His 'Intelligence' on CBS [Exclusive Video]

Steven Bryan
Fall TV

Could Josh Holloway take on Steve Austin, the heroic Six Million Dollar Man, in a fair fight and win? That's one of the questions that hopefully will be answered when "Intelligence" hits the air midseason on CBS. Like the late, lamented Christopher Gorham series "Jake 2.0," this is a spy show with a computerized twist.

Talking to Holloway along with co-stars Marg Helgenberger and Meghan Ory at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, "omg! Insider" correspondent Michael Yo got the inside scoop on the show while standing in the midst of pop-culture madness.

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Coming off "Lost," a slimmer and trimmer-looking Holloway stars as an intelligence agent named Gabriel (don't worry -- those abs and smile are still intact). Gabriel has a computer chip implanted in his brain, one that grants him abilities that far exceed those of the average spy. Though his limbs aren't enhanced, his brainpower gives him awesome control of that body.

Comparisons to the classic Lee Majors role from the 1970s are inevitable. Helgenberger told Yo that the show is "'James Bond' meets 'Mission Impossible.'" Looking for the intelligence in "Intelligence" also was extremely important to the "CSI" actress after years off the air.

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"Ultimately, [it was] the script; it was just very smart and inventive and had incredible potential," Helgenberger told Yo when he asked what brought her back to television.

Ory rounds out the cast as Riley, Gabriel's very attractive handler. Though the "Six Million Dollar Man" smackdown is still undecided, Ory told Yo that she could definitely kick Holloway's butt. Despite the two attractive co-stars in the cast, there still isn't any talk about an onscreen romance for Gabriel, but anything is possible where Holloway is concerned.

"Intelligence" is expected to premiere on February 24, 2014.