The Cold War Is Apparently Not Over


"GDNY": When Joey Travolta came on the screen I thought to myself, looks who's talking! While I know it's not much of a phenomenon that he was on the show, I do think his gray hair kind of makes him look like a swordfish. It's good to hear that his little brother is staying alive throughout all the negative press, and I just think to hang out with a couple of wild hogs like the Travolta brothers would be cool!

"Today": I love Mary Lou Retton. Always have, always will. But today I think I loved her a little bit more when she declared that our gold medal winning US Women's Gymnastics team "spanked" the Russians! The Cold War is apparently not over… way to eat your Wheaties, MLR!

"Live! with Kelly": Okay Carson Kressley, I'm probably gonna vote for you in the "Dancing With the Stars" all-star cast vote. I mean, if it's between you, Sabrina Bryan, and Kyle Massey? Yeah, I'm probably Team Carson on this one. Gotta respect a member of the Fab Five! Plus, I figure I still owe you one… you taught all my favorite straight guys how to "Jujjshe"!

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