The Closest I’ve Come To Meeting A Real, Live Muppet!


"Ellen": Ellen got to interview Kermit the Frog! I'm so jealous. The closest I've come to meeting a real live Muppet came last year on Hollywood Boulevard, when I saw Fozzie Bear across the street. But before I could cross and catch him before he got in his uncle's  Studebaker, the light changed to "Don't Wocka Wocka Wocka"!

"Regis and Kelly": Just eight days left for you Philbin fans! And today's surprise guest was Liam Neeson, who got to settle a big score with Regis, who loves saying his name out loud. Turns out Reeg's Scottish accent would be a lot more impressive... if Liam was actually Scottish. But he's Irish! Too bad he didn't have time to practice some "Erin Go Braghs" with Reeg… but Liam took a break from shooting a movie, and he had to Shamrock Shake it back there in a hurry.

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy asked guest host Holly Robinson Peete about her unexpected departure from "The Talk" and I thought she was going to dish out some juicy details. But instead she stayed classy about it and tip-toed around the topic, talk about boring! I guess that's yet another reason why "The Talk" isn't as good as "The View", at least they have lots of drama surrounding most of their lineup changes!

"Swift Justice": Thanks so much to Judge Jackie for coming to visit us! But how did she get here so fast, without banging her gavel and just waiving her way through the trial that is LA traffic? No wonder they call her show "Swift Justice"! She must've taken a court-cut.

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