Say Cheese! The 5 Best Photobombs From the Emmys

Maya Salam
Yahoo! TV Emmys Blog

It's 2013, and that means cameras are everywhere! If a photograph can speak a thousand words, the accidental ones can speak a million. They're cringeworthy, they're bizarre, but they're always hilarious. Here are the best photobombs and videobombs from the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.

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1. Worst nightmare alert! This guy in the background, ID'ed by comedian Paul F. Tompkins as producer Paul Greenberg, was in the wrong place (behind Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris) at the wrong time (live TV). Can't you just see the wheels turning in his head? Once the look of terror started to dissipate from his face, he gracefully (kind of) inched out of the shot. But don't feel too bad for Greenberg; it was actually a planned part of the show. Emmy Awards Producer Ken Ehrlich admitted that it was staged. "He was one of our writers," said Ehrlich. "It was one of those moments we put in there so someone would ask, 'What was that all about?'" Nonetheless, the hilarious moment was a win for viewers at home.

2. Oh, Aaron Paul! You cutup. The notorious photobomber got his "Breaking Bad" co-star and fellow nominee Bryan Cranston just as Cranston struck a debonair pose on the red carpet. The shocked and disturbed look on Paul's face was definitely enough to take the attention off Cranston. Or maybe he was watching last night's intense and heartbreaking episode of "Breaking Bad" somewhere off in the distance. We certainly had a similar expression while viewing it.

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3. Paul also popped into a pic with "Modern Family's" Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend Matt Prokop. From the look on his face, Paul might be a big fan of the comedy. Now that would be great cameo! After so many years filming "Breaking Bad," he could use a little levity.

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4. What goes around, comes around, Paul! Yahoo TV's InstaStop station captured the actor taking a super close-up photo of his face. What he didn't see was "Modern Family's" Ariel Winter (looking very pretty in pink) popping into the shot, giving a peace sign and sticking out her tongue. Just further proof that more than one can play at this game.

5. Fun fact: Photobombs can be both creepy and glamorous. Case in point: Gorgeous Emmy-winner Claire Danes (does she ever age?) videobombing nominee Lena Dunham during a red carpet interview. The way Danes slid into the shot distracting and confusing Dunham — who sensed someone behind her — was awesome. When Dunham saw who it was, she was happy about it, of course. We're guessing there's some major mutual, professional respect between these two edgy ladies.