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"Ellen": Ellen decided to take the day off from writing new jokes, in what she called a "classic monologue" segment - when she re-aired the monologue from one of her first ever episodes, back in 2003! So in that spirit, I've decided to reprint one of my "classic blog posts" from that very same week. Enjoy: "Wow, first Estonia and Latvia join the EU, and now Ellen DeGeneres really thinks she can make it as a Daytime talk show host? What is she thinking? She is gonna get trounced by that new Rita Rudner talk show, big time. In fact, I'll bet you two Clearly Canadians that she's off the air in a month! Also, I'm pretty sure Apple's new "iTunes" thing is just a fad. Now, that Lance Armstrong on the other hand... he's here to stay! Five straight Tour De France wins… what can't he do?"

"Good Day New York": Poor Antwan Lewis, all he wanted to do was hang out in studio and meet Natalie Cole, but instead he had to go out and cover a story about strip clubs. I guess you could say instead of it being a great day where he met a Grammy award-winning artist, it turned out to be a day that's anything but… "Unforgettable"!

"Wake Up with Al": I'm sorry what? Did Stephanie really say "poo" on the air today?! First of all, a story about dogs having dirty mouths isn't really a story at all because, duh, they're dogs! So a graphic description as to why dogs have dirty mouths definitely wasn't necessary. And when I go home and see my dog later, I'm guessing I won't be able to get the thought of poo out of my head and I'll be completely grossed out. So, thanks a lot Stephanie!

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