Cirque du Sokay


"GMA": They had a crazy story today about a middle school graduation in California that got interrupted by a party-crashing baby brown bear! Aww, apparently the little lost cub got confused, panicked, and took a lap around the playground, before zooming through the back lawn where the diplomas were being handed out. Luckily he was caught and released out in the woods, and the ceremony went ahead, after everyone calmed down. But don't worry kids, this isn't a bad sign -- I bearly graduated myself, and I'm doing pretty great these days!

"Live! with Kelly": I wasn't very impressed with the Cirque du Soleil moves that Kelly and guest host Mike Greenberg were taught by their guest performer. Then I realized it's because they weren't wearing the loose hanging, flowy clothes that he had on, and that makes a world of difference! C'mon Greenberg, lets see you in one of those tops!

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