Chris Meloni (Maybe), Kathryn Hahn, and Ricky Martin Are About to Provide Guest Services

The Set

Actors have day jobs, but with an eye on a paycheck, a fun day's work, or an Outstanding Guest Actor Emmy, they moonlight in TV guest roles, too. Here are a few performers (and one non-performer) who will soon provide their Guest Services.

Actor: Chris Meloni
Day Job: Star, until recently, of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"; fake star of "The Vigilogna."
POSSIBLY Guest-Starring On: "True Blood"
POSSIBLE Role: An "incredibly powerful vampire"
Pros: Meloni doesn't get as many chances as he should to show off his comic chops. And "True Blood" is basically a comedy. (With porn.)
Cons: He should be above this nonsense.

Actor: Kathryn Hahn
Day Job: Until recently, she co-headlined NBC's "Free Agents"
Guest-Starring On: "Parks & Recreation"
Role: Leslie's (Amy Poehler) opponent in her City Council race
Pros: This is a very nice vote of confidence from NBC to the effect that, even though "Free Agents" didn't work out, she is hilarious and should be on TV.
Cons: She probably can't join the cast full-time.

Actor: Ricky Martin
Day Job: Pop star
Guest-Starring On: "Glee"
Role: The "hottest Spanish teacher ever in the history of Ohio."
Pros: Well, he is both hot and Spanish.
Cons: He's really going to make Mr. Schue look worn-out and crappy by comparison.