Charlie Day’s ‘SNL’ Appearance, According to the ‘SNL’ Sketch Predictor

The Set

I've been to the future and brought back this sketch-by-sketch rundown of tomorrow's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Or is it just a series of very educated guesses? Read our "SNL" Sketch Predictor and judge for yourself.

11:29 PM Cold open: An increasingly incoherent Rick Perry (Bill Hader) defends himself against charges that he delivered a recent speech while drunk or otherwise impaired.

11:37 PM Monologue: Host Charlie Day talks about having starred in "Horrible Bosses, and reunites with his co-stars Jason Sudeikis (himself), Jennifer Aniston (Nasim Pedrad), and Jamie Foxx (Jay Pharoah).

11:39 PM On "Fox & Friends," hosts Gretchen Carlson (Vanessa Bayer), Steve Doocy (Taran Killam), and Brian Kilmeade (Bobby Moynihan) give Herman Cain (Kenan Thompson) a chance to respond to the sexual harassment charges against him; in the middle of the segment, Fox News runs Cain's infamous campaign ad.

11:47 PM Two A-Holes (Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig) shop at a Brooklyn food co-op.

11:51 PM Digital Short: Beard care lessons from Charlie Day.

11:57 PM Brett Ratner (Day), Ben Stiller (Paul Brittain), Alan Alda (Bill Hader), and Eddie Murphy (Pharoah) promote their new film "Tower Heist" at a press junket.

12:07 AM [Maroon 5 performs.]

12:14 AM Weekend Update features Muammar Qadaffi's childhood friends (Bayer and Fred Armisen) sharing their recollections of his final days; Aunt Linda (Wiig) reviewing the latest movies; and Conan O'Brien (himself) talking about his experience bringing his new TBS talk show to New York.

12:26 AM A parody of the reality show "Monster In-Laws," in which Kris Humphries (Killam) clashes with his in-laws, the Kardashians.

12:37 AM A parody of the "I'm a Mormon" ads, in which wholesome-looking people talk about their practice of Scientology.

12:43 AM [Maroon 5 performs.]

12:48 AM Outtakes from Lindsay Lohan's (Pedrad) Playboy photo shoot.

12:54 AM Protesters at Occupy Wall Street try to hide from each other the fact that they want to bail before winter.

1:00 AM Goodnight!

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