Channing Tatum’s Abs


"Today": Okay, for all of you who heard the rumor that Channing Tatum's abs (with special guest sidekick, Channing Tatum) were making a surprise appearance on 30 Rockefeller Plaza this morning, you can keep your shirts on... he kept his shirt on. But here's the good news: so did Al Roker. (Phew!)

"Bethenny": Bethenny likes to be cutting edge and racy, so I thought for sure she would confront Bret Michaels about that hair of his! She let him make out with an audience member and promote his pet accessories line, but I'm still left staring at his hair and/or wig with confusion. Bethenny, not asking the tough hair questions is like a rose with a thorn!

"Live! with Kelly": A discussion broke out on today's show about kids being allowed to watch scary movies. Kelly's parents let her watch "Jaws" at age 5; Seth MacFarlane still blames his parents for letting him see "Poltergeist" - y'know, a movie about a girl who gets KIDNAPPED BY GHOSTS - at age 8! What's the scariest movie you saw as a kid? Tweet me @nikkiboyer and maybe we can spare the next generation from those "Can't sleep, clown'll eat me" sleepless nights!

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