Chandler Bing Genes


"CBS This Morning": US Open champ Andy Murray started his morning show marathon on "CBS This Morning" this morning, and admitted to Norah, Gayle and Charlie that he'd had just one hour of sleep since knocking off Novak late last night. That must be surreal! One minute you're standing on center court in Flushing, kissing a trophy under the lights, then one late-night plate of Asian fusion later, you're suddenly in like six TV studios, being offered bagels and OJ and reflecting on it all. Still, I bet we'd all 30-Love to be him right now.

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Matthew Perry, you sure have aged well. Well, at least based on your appearance on "Live!" today. Of all the guy friends from "Friends", circa 2012, you definitely seem to be the least wrinkly. Must be those Chandler Bing genes... sure, even if you did get stuck with the 'nubbin'. All in all, a good trade!

"Ellen": Of course Britney Spears wanted to learn the dance for "Gangnam Style"… because who doesn't?! And I know Simon Cowell just sat there while the fun ensued a couple feet away from him, but that's because he most likely hired Psy the "Gangnam" creator to come to his house and give him a private lesson! You can do things like that when you're as rich as Simon!

"Wake Up with Al": Every time they interview a celebrity on this show they find it necessary to ask them about the weather, I guess because it's a weather show. But c'mon, there's no need for that! Hearing Blake Shelton talk about droughts and tornadoes is not near as interesting as hearing him talk about boobs! So remember for next time, less weather talk and more boob talk!

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