Carnies Aren’t To Be Trusted!


"Today": "Today" went undercover at summer carnivals and fairs and took a whack at some of those hard to resist and even harder to beat carnival games — and learned from an expert why you can't knock over those milk jugs (they're offset, diverting the force of the incoming ball); sink a "1-in-wins" basketball shot (the hoops are oval, not round, leaving barely a half-inch margin to nail the shot) and why it's so hard to throw a ball into a wooden tub (they tubs are spring loaded — carnies toss an extra ball in when demonstrating the game to deaden the spring's effect!) They also brought a former military sniper to take a shot at the 'shoot the star out' game — and he didn't even come close, "doesn't that tell you something about your chances with this game?" Yes, it does. Carnies aren't to be trusted!

"Live! with Kelly": Does anyone else wonder if when Ray Romano goes out for pasta, the waiter is afraid to ask him if he wants Parmesan cheese? No, just me? Okay, moving on then.

"Wake Up With Al": I feel like this show is gearing up to change networks, because with all these cute animal videos they keep showing they'll be a perfect fit over on Animal Planet! And there must be a line in Al's contract that says he's required to try and make a joke or pun after every video, because he just won't quit. Al, dogs playing in sprinklers and goats on surfboards leave us happy and satisfied, while your jokes just leave us groaning and unfulfilled!

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