What’s Carmine Ragusa Up To?


"CBS This Morning": Well, that settles it, I guess. Gayle King says Oprah is NOT Blue Ivy's Godmother. But Gayle King MIGHT be Charlie Rose's first Facebook friend! Reports are still unconfirmed...

"Wendy Williams": I thought it was a little odd that Wendy has been fighting so hard to save the Twinkie. But then we bought a box to use for today's show and I was reminded how amazing they are! I even insisted that we do multiple takes so I could have as many bites as possible, you know for work. So now it's official Wendy, I'm joining the fight. Save the Twinkie, save the Twinkie!

"Anderson": I'm really hoping that today's appearance by Henry Winkler is just the beginning of "Happy Days" alumni to appear on the show! And then Anderson can spin off into the "Laverne & Shirley" cast — I'd love to know what Carmine Ragusa aka "The Big Ragoo" aka actor Eddie Mekka is up to! Love the Ragoo!

"The Talk": Considering they have five funny co-hosts every day, plus guests with great stories, the most impressive thing about "The Talk" is that everyone still gets a chance to talk! I had a great visit to the set this week (#humblebrag), and I'm still not "Talk"ed out. Thanks ladies!

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