The Camera Guy Has A Bunion


"Today": It was fun to see Molly Ringwald today, even if she was a babe in black instead of "Pretty In Pink". And Savannah did a great job… her questions were just Ducky! But I kind of like the alternate interview where she ends up with Al Roker!

"Access Hollywood Live": You know how some people try to be funny when they get back from a long vacation by saying how much they need a vacation? No? Well, some people do it okay. Anyway, instead of joking about it, Billy Bush actually did take a vacation after his trip to London! I know he worked while he was there but take it from someone who knows, working a couple of hours a day is like being on vacation! I really hope that when he gets back from his double vacation he doesn't say how much he needs a vacation, cuz that definitely wouldn't be funny!

"Good Day New York": Dave broke his glasses on Monday doing something silly. And ever since then, finding him a new pair of glasses has been a main point of content for this show. What the heck?! I hate to see what would have happened this week had he not broken his glasses, would they be reporting on Rosanna's sore tooth? Or maybe the camera guy has a bunion, perhaps they could report on that!

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