Came In Pfirst!


"The View": I'm not sure which was more strange: Elizabeth asking Michelle if she could borrow her Catwoman suit, or Joy asking the same question. But maybe strangest of all was that someone as gorgeous as Michelle Pfeiffer wouldn't want to talk about the time she entered the Miss Orange County beauty pageant, and came in Pfirst!

"Access Hollywood Live": Mega hunk and star of "Dallas" Jesse Metcalfe seemed annoyed when Billy and Kit asked how he keeps such a nice figure. As if sharing your workout regimen is going to somehow take away from talking about acting. Um, hello? You're known for having a gorgeous face and an amazing body not being a great actor, and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

"GDNY": Breaking news, this just in! It's hot outside. In the summertime. Thanks "Good Day" for keeping us informed!

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