You’re So Busted, Billy Bush!


"The View": Courtney Cox was on the non-crazy-person part of today's "View", and she revealed that not only did she have to audition for her famous breakout role in a 1984 Bruce Springsteen video (she played the teenaged fan that Bruce "surprises" and pulls out of the crowd to go "Dancing In the Dark" on stage)… she also says she got paid all of $300 for the gig! But don't feel too bad for her -- it did kinda give her a career n' stuff. Plus, back in 1984, $300 was a lot of money! It would've bought her a whole bunch of Bruce's vinyl LP's, cassettes and 8-tracks!

"Today": That "Real Housebird" that flew into Andy Cohen's head already has his own Twitter account! @Realhousebird says, "OMG Just landed in scary grey nest. Smells like hairspray and white wine! HELP!" How's that for a first Tweet?!

"Bethenny": I love Bethenny, but it sort of caught me off-guard when she referred to Lea Michele as younger version of herself. Yes, they both have brown hair, but the comparisons stop there because Lea is a Broadway trained singer and actress and Bethenny was on some reality shows and sells booze! I think a more accurate person for that description would be one of the chicks from "The Jersey Shore"!

"Access Hollywood Live": I suppose it's a good thing that Billy saved the show from airing a wardrobe malfunction. But I'm a little confused what his eyes were doing all the way up there, when the focus of that moment was on the lady's busted up ankle way down by the ground. You're so busted, Billy Bush!

"GMA": Wait, Charles Barkley is the new face of Weight Watchers? The same guy they used to call "The Round Mound of Rebound"? The same guy who once ate Spud Webb? Well, what can we say, except nice job, Chuck. From Taco Bell spokesman to Weight Watchers spokesman in less than a year!

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