Bust Out a Ball of String


"Today": Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 10/11/12! Okay, I know that joke doesn't really work. But everyone on "Today" was happy about pointing out today's date just the same. Does this make anyone else think of the old "Sesame Street" song, with the disco music and the cartoon pinballs, that counted to 12? No? Just me? Okay then. If you need me, I'll be over here... (singing softly to self: "one two three FOUR FIVE, six SE-VEN eight NINE TEN, e-LEVEN TWELVE..")

"Ellen": What do you get the girl who has everything, including a multi-billion dollar media empire and her own daily daytime TV show? A robotic wagging cat tail imported from Japan, apparently. Ellen couldn't get enough of her weird new toy! I heard they had to bust out a ball of string, just to distract her so they could take it away to recharge.

"Access Hollywood Live": I've got mixed feelings about the Blue Man Group. On the one hand watching them perform is kinda cool, they're different, exciting and fun to watch. But on the other hand they completely creep me out! Whether they're staring at the camera with big wide eyes and not saying anything, or leaving blue lip marks on Kit's coffee mug and Billy's face, they're just plain weird!

"GDNY": I'm all for a loose, fun atmosphere on this show but there are just some things you shouldn't talk about! And no I'm not talking about Antawn Lewis and his need to use the bathroom, I'm of course talking about Rosanna saying that she's excited to hear new music from Rick Springfield! We want "Jesse's Girl" and nothing else, and that's not debatable!

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