Burritos For Everyone!


More rambling from "Primetime in No Time" host Frank Nicotero:

"The X Factor": I have to say that this was the LEAST interesting semi-finals of all time.  Seriously, ol' Marcus Canty was in the bottom two or three for like a month straight, but they still said 'he deserved to be there.'   It's kind of like when 'The Godfather III' was nominated back in 1990 (and 'Back To The Future III' was more deserving) but Francis Ford Coppolla was trotted around to all the Osar events only to lose.   But I digress.  Anyway, it's nice to see Josh Krajcik in the finals.  I swear, if he wins, he needs to make burritos for everyone.  And not the cheap ones you get at Taco Bell-  I want the good stuff!

"Rules of Engagment": I was watching this show, and I realized, this is a show that could've been on for three weeks, or three years, and I wouldn't know the difference.  Come to find out (cuz I looked it up), ROE has been on since 2007.  Wow...  And that reminded me of a great David Spade line when he talked about 'Just Shoot Me' getting cancelled : "It felt like someone went into my backyard and chopped down my money tree."  Well David, save your money because I think I hear someone starting up a chainsaw.

"A Charlie Brown Christmas": Is there anything more heartwarming than this annual holiday special? I feel like it isn't the holiday season until this airs. The music alone is absolutely outstanding, and the message of the show is always worthwhile. It's official, Christmastime is finally here! The only thing I love more than this special is the iPad 2 wrapped under my tree right now with my name on it. Don't tell my girl I know what it is!!!

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