A Bunch of Buff Firemen


"GMA": Bona fide star! "GMA" caught back up with Boo. You know, "Boo: The World's Cutest Dog"? Yeah, him. And what's the cute pooch been up to? Just travelling the world, appearing on TV, endorsing products, writing two books and building a Facebook following of 4.9 million fans! Jeez, I want that dog's life!

"Today": The sound malfunction nearly gave Matt Lauer a heart attack! Makes you wonder if maybe that sound guy thinks that by getting rid of Matt, they'll spread the love around with what's left of his huge salary. Or maybe the sound guy loves Ryan Seacrest and he wants to speed up the process of Seacrest "in"!

"GDNY": I'd like to think that Dave Price stripped down to his t-shirt and showed off his lack of muscles because he was trying to be funny. But we're still getting to know this guy, and there's a pretty good chance that he was completely serious and thinks he can hang with a bunch of buff firemen! So just in case he was being serious, let me be the one to say that he should never ever remove articles of clothing while on camera! In fact, feel free to keep adding layers if you can!

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