You Brought Two Pixie Sticks To A Gun Show!


"Today": Kudos to Kudrow (Lisa) for using her show "Who Do You Think You Are" to delve into Charlie Sheen's family history. That takes guts! But hey, at least it probably wasn't too hard getting hold of a DNA sample! In LA, it's probably harder to NOT get some Charlie Sheen on you.

"The View": You gotta love "The View"! There's nothing like getting into a super-heated discussion about politics and then following it up with some "Soul Train" style dancing! Although the person who probably needed to dance out some aggression the most was Elisabeth Hasselbeck and she just stayed in her seat. C'mon Liz, the President's tax plan is way easier to process when you're movin' and shakin'!

"Access Hollywood Live": One of the many, many reasons I love Billy Bush is his desire to dance as much as possible! And in my ongoing quest to get Billy to come on my show, I am officially offering to throw him his own personal dance party! Just Billy, me, maybe my camera operator (if he's feeling frisky) and some great tunes! Let's go Billy, we can make this happen!

"Ellen": Ellen, sweetie, I know you like to talk about your workout routine and all, but challenging the First Lady to a push-up contest? Did you see her arms?!? No wonder she out-push-up'd you, 25 to 19! You brought two Pixie Sticks to a gun show!

"Live! with Kelly": I don't think I've ever seen a celebrity as excited as Snooki was today to announce that she's not pregnant. But how come she didn't want to take place in that weird "pop-the-balloons-with-your-body" game? I thought she was famous for the smush smush?

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