Breaking Down 'Breaking Bad' by the Breakthrough Numbers

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Millions: the record-breaking ratings for the "Breaking Bad" series finale, the number of tweets sent about the series during the finale, and the number of Facebook comments made about the series wrap-up. The series finale was an overwhelming success, and here's how the numbers break down:

10.3 million — Number of viewers who watched the "Breaking Bad" finale on AMC, a ratings record for the series.

6.7 million — Number of finale viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

1.41 million — Number of viewers who watched the "Breaking Bad" series premiere on Jan. 20, 2008. 

1 — Number of episodes (out of 46) of "Breaking Bad" that earned more than 2 million viewers during the show's first four seasons (Season 4 premiere "Box Cutter" drew 2.58 million).

16 — Number of episodes (out of 16) of "Breaking Bad" that earned more than 2 million viewers during the show's fifth and final season (after many viewers had binge watched the show on Netflix).

$250,000 — Cost for a 30-second ad during the series finale, according to Forbes.

$75,000 — Cost for a 30-second ad during regular Season 5 episodes of "Breaking Bad," according to Forbes

1.24 million — Number of tweets related to "Breaking Bad" on Sunday. That made the series the most talked-about TV show of the week on Twitter, according to SocialGuide rankings of the top 10 shows.

53,888 (and growing!) — Number of times series star Bryan Cranston's finale tweet, thanking viewers for their loyalty, has been retweeted (as of 6 p.m. ET on Sept. 30). The tweet reads:

5.5 million — Number of updates and comments about the show made on Facebook (by about 3 million people) on Sunday during the finale.

11 million — Number of people who have commented on Facebook about "Breaking Bad" during its fifth season ... not including the number of series finale updates and comments.

9,000 percent — According to Spotify, the percentage of increase, globally, of streams of the Badfinger song "Baby Blue," Walter White's death soundtrack in the series finale.

500,000 — Number of times the series finale was illegally downloaded within a 12-hour period, according to TorrentFreak.

34, 59, 20, 106, 36, and 52 — Walt's lottery numbers, on the ticket he bought to remember the location of his (once) buried money, the numbers on the ticket he gave to Skyler in the finale to lead authorities to Hank's body, and to potentially spare her from jail. The numbers, by the way, do not lead to a burial spot on the To'hajiilee reservation, as shown in the series; they point to Q Studios, the Albuquerque location where "Breaking Bad" was filmed.

$9,720,000 — Amount of money Walt gave to Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz to pass along to Walter Jr. on his 18th birthday.

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