I Bow To You Wendy!


"GMA": Wow, busy day! They had Josh Elliott and G.Steph interviewing Donald Driver, the winner (and his fellow near-winners) of "Dancing With The Stars" while they danced in Times Square, and Robin Roberts surrounding Will Smith with "Men In Black" on the deck of the USS Intrepid aircaft carrier! Meanwhile, back in the studio, Sam Champion had... a new tie! Hmm. Not quite as flashy. Better luck next celeb, Sam!

"Today": Hey! I wanna be a roadie for my favorite rock band! That guy is soooo lucky! I guess having a tattoo of the group's most recognizable person helps? Okay, get ready America! Next time you see me I'll be inked up with a picture of the shirtless bald guy from "Right Said Fred". The main bald guy, not the other bald guy!

"Wendy Williams": Congrats to my girl Wendy on 500 shows! I'd have to say that my very favorite episode was the one where that girl Nikki Boyer was on, she was amazing! In all seriousness, finding longevity in anything is hard, especially TV! I would brag that "DiNT" has done over 750 shows, but I get the feeling that a three-minute internet show is a little bit easier to do than an hour-long talk show… so I bow to you Wendy!

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