We Bought A Zoo With A Dragon Tattoo


"GMA": Congratulations to George Stephanopoulos, for being named one of the '10 Most Well-Mannered People of 2011.' Apparently, it's because he always says "Please" and "Thank you", and "rarely interrupts" guests. But the best a Greek-American could do was finishing at #6, way behind the UK's Princess Kate Middleton and Canada's Prince Justin Bieber, who rudely hogged the top two spots. Hey, where did I finish? 337Th? WHAT? YOU GOTTA BE FLIPPIN' KIDDIN ME, OVER HERE! WHERE'S THE GUY IN CHARGE O' THIS STINKIN' LIST? I mean... whoops. Better luck next year! Please and thank you!

"Access Hollywood Live": Kendall Jenner talked about her lavish Sweet 16 party and how she wasn't really interested in doing a big production. But, of course, in her family a major life event has to be a big production - it's in the contract! So with that being said don't miss tonight's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" conveniently titled "Kendall's Sweet 16"!

"Live! with Kelly": Rumor! Word has it that today's guest, Rooney Mara, is in super-secret talks with tomorrow's guest, Scarlett Johansson, to team up and merge their hit movies into one huge sequel! Coming in 2013: "WE BOUGHT A ZOO WITH A DRAGON TATTOO". You heard it here first, kids.

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