They’re Both So Funny, I Can’t Decide Who’s My Favorite!


"Today": Who in the world would even call Savannah Guthrie during "The Today Show"? Don't they know she's on the air n' stuff? Well here at "DiNT", we used all our inside sources to find out! It wasn't a secret admirer, it wasn't her personal dog walker guy saying he'd be late, and it wasn't her Aunt Judy calling to say she had spinach in her teeth. It was the 30 Rock maintenance department! See, the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree is on the fritz, and it turns out there's a little known NBC rule that says if you co-host the tree lighting ceremony, you're on the hook for changing out the bulbs. And Roker wisely set his phone to go to voicemail! That's veteran savvy, right there!

"Live! with Kelly": Skinny Jonah Hill co-hosted today, to promote a movie about a wacky babysitter, starring his twin brother, chubby Jonah Hill. They're both so funny, I can't decide who's my favorite! All I know is those two guys need to do a buddy comedy together someday. They could practically finish each other's sentences(and sandwiches)!

"Wake Up with Al": They showed a picture of a tree with holiday lights on it that has been frosted over, giving off a cool effect. I can think of a bunch of different ways to describe it like pretty, stunning, beautiful, mesmerizing, glorious or breathtaking. But Al referred to it as ephemeral and Stephanie said it looked like an underwater fungus. I don't know if they're trying to be different or just difficult, but now I'm confused!

"GDLA": The video of the youth choir that all fell down simultaneously when their riser broke is kind of scary, until you see that everyone is okay… then it's just funny.

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