Bonding with Anderson Cooper


"CBS This Morning": When the assignment came up to send someone to check out a warehouse full of original James Bond gadgets, there was only one man for the job: Cooper... Anderson Cooper.  And AC360 went the full 007, giving us a look at Sean Connery's booby trapped briefcase, Jaws' metal jaws, The Man With the Golden Gun's golden gun, Odd Job's flying bowler hat, and the fake diamonds that ended up in Halle Berry's belly button! (Yes, they've been washed.)  All of which makes me realize... Andy would make a great Bond villain.  "007 vs. The Silver Fox" anyone?

"Access Hollywood Live": It's amazing how some simple photo shopping can still be so entertaining in this day and age, especially when you have some time fill on a Friday! But hey, seeing Billy with Kit's hair and Kit with Billy's hair along with Wolfgang Puck and Gene Simmons sporting each other's hair, beat whatever else I could have been doing today!

"The View": They had Sam Champion from "GMA" on their show today, and we saw Kelly's new sidekick Michael Strahan as well. Talk about crossover! Next thing you know Whoopi will be telling jokes with Kathy Lee Gifford, Elisabeth will whip up some food in Rachael Ray's kitchen, Joy will be dancing with Ellen and Sheri will be swinging a gavel with Judge Alex!

"Today": You know what the world doesn't need more of? Parents rapping! Like the viral music video KLG and Hoda shared today. There's nothing more awkward and annoying and seriously not funny than hearing rap about the problems of parenthood in suburbia. But I'm sure we'll keep hearing more of this horrible hip-hop, because parent's just don't understand!

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