‘Bob’s Burgers’ Season 2: Fox Beefs Up Its Order

The Set

We've known for months that Fox would bring its midseason series "Bob's Burgers" back for a second season; in a nice show of faith, the network renewed the series before the first had aired its finale. But today comes even better news for fans of the show: Instead of 13 episodes, the second season will boast a full episode order of 22.

Josef Adalian of New York magazine's Vulture blog reports that Fox has ordered nine more scripts of the sitcom. "Bob's" had been slated to return in 2012, but as Adalian notes, success for the animated series "Allen Gregory," which premiered last night, could delay the return of "Bob's Burgers" to the 2012-13 TV season. (Which would be a tragedy, in this commentator's view. I know pilots aren't always representative of a series as a whole, but wow, that episode was TERRIBLE. Poorly rated, also, particularly considering that its lead-in was the Halloween episode of "The Simpsons.")

Adalian notes that the second season will feature an episode in which the Belcher family will attempt to run a food truck (trendy!), and another in which it befriends "a needy bank robber" (perhaps the same character who robbed the restaurant in Season 1 — continuity!). Most importantly, early indicators point to the show staying close to the formula it established in its first season: keeping the focus on the family going through recognizably normal situations, as opposed to cross-breeding tomatoes and tobacco or going into space like a certain other five-person family in an animated Fox sitcom that should probably have packed it in a long time ago.