The Blissed-Out Tennis Ball Dog!


"GMA": Robin Roberts heard Tiger Woods had a new video game coming out, so she invited him on by the studio to hit the (digital) links and show off some of the game's new features -- including playing as 2-year-old baby Tiger Cub Woods… looking just like he did hitting golf balls with his dad on "The Mike Douglas Show" all those years ago! And I gotta tell you, think what you want about the guy, but there's something kind of awesome and strange about watching Tiger Woods play "Tiger Woods" as a 2-year-old Teeny Tiny Tiger Woods.

"Access Hollywood Live": Tara Reid was on the show but I'm not really sure why, it's not like the "American Pie" franchise has yet another movie coming out or anything. Wait, I'm being told they do in fact have another one called "American Reunion" coming out soon. Ummm, that's cool I suppose. I'm sure it will be really great!

"GDNY": Wow, who knew Greg was such a Gloria Estefan aficionado?! Not only did he know almost all the words to "Turn the Beat Around" but he sang with them with her kind of passion too! But unfortunately they had just too much time to kill at the end of the show so he did get a little annoying. But he admitted to that so those are his words, not mine!

"CBS This Morning": "CBS-TM", like just about every morning show this morning, had that uber-cute viral video of the laughing baby watching his dad blow bubbles for the first time. But you know what, Internet? Nikki came to play today. I'll SEE your laughing bubble baby, and RAISE you the blissed-out tennis ball dog! Thanks to my handy-dandy Yahoo! search for "dog's dream comes true":

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