Billy Bush In Shiny Gold Spandex!


"Today": Ugly sweaters aren't ugly any more and are actually cool, hip and, dare I say, fashionable? My guess is that this fad is gonna go the way of shoulder pads, pleather pants, tight-rolled jeans and hyper-color shirts (ooh! I loved those!)

"Good Day New York": In the shuffle of all the new releases this year, I didn't realize that Joey McIntyre had a Christmas album out too! Of course I'll be buying that ASAP but we all know that what I'm really waiting for is Jordan Knight to release a Christmas album. He can call it "Knight in Shining Stars So Bright" or something much more clever!

"Access Hollywood Live": This show loves countdowns! The Royal Wedding countdown was a very long and drawn out process and the countdown to Regis' retirement seemed a bit forced. But now that they're doing the '12 Days of Christmas' countdown, it feels like they're finally doing something right. And that something right is Billy Bush in shiny gold spandex and a blond wig!

"Ellen": They either shot Kevin Nealon's holiday mall segment in July or during closing hours using extras. Because not only was there no line to see Santa Claus, there didn't seem to be any angry aggressive shoppers pushing their way through the crowds and knocking people over, which pretty much sums up my entire shopping experience this year! Which reminds me, sorry to any of you that I've knocked down but there's only so many Elmo playing the drums toys in stock people!

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